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The Gennaris bionic vision system is a wireless device designed to electrically stimulate neurons within the visual cortex to restore functional vision to people suffering from bilateral, acquired blindness. The first prototype of Gennaris has been in development since 2010 by the Monash Vision Group (MVG) – a consortium of engineers and biomedical scientists from Monash University, clinicians from The Alfred Hospital and two private companies - MiniFAB Pty Ltd and Grey Innovation Pty Ltd - all based in Melbourne, Australia. Verification of Gennaris safety and functionality is nearing completion and upon finalisation, MVG will initiate clinical proof-of-concept studies in Melbourne with people with profound vision loss.

In developing a cortical vision prosthesis, MVG has built a tightly knit and highly expert team, specifically recruited to develop implantable medical devices from initial concepts. Please visit the Advisory Board and Technical Management pages to learn more about our expert leadership.