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For Families and Playgroups

Are you a parent or a caregiver who is interested in developing a scientific curiosity, mathematical logic and design thinking in your child from early years? If yes, try our Conceptual PlayWorld model – it can be applied at home just as successfully as it can at a childcare centre.

A Conceptual PlayWorld can be inspired by a children’s book or a fairy tale story. In a family home setting, the Conceptual PlayWorld model can guide you in creating an imaginary scenario where your young child is invited to go on an exploratory journey. During the play you can introduce a challenge or a problem for them to solve. As you together enact the story, it helps your child to develop empathy for the characters, be motivated to learn and solve problems and also learn STEM concepts.

This play-based experience through Conceptual PlayWorld would help your child to learn STEM concepts that would otherwise be difficult to explain. In a Conceptual PlayWorld for children: Imagination is the limit!

  • PlayWorlds in action

    What does a Conceptual PlayWorld look like? See some examples here.

  • Create a PlayWorld

    A guide to creating an imaginary Conceptual PlayWorld at home or for a playgroup.

  • Get involved

    We invite families to help us create new Conceptual PlayWorlds, and to learn in the process.