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Imagination in play and imagination in STEM

  • Educators

    Learn more about PlayWorlds, discover resources and find out about our free online self paced PD and get involved.

  • Families and Playgroups

    How to create an imaginary PlayWorld in your home or community Playgroup.

  • Research and policy

    Would you like to find out more about this project's current and future research activities?

  • Learn with us

    Would you like to build your own understandings and knowledge of Conceptual Playworlds? Sign up to our free self-paced online PD.

  • Past events

    Engage with past events presented by Laureate Professor Marilyn Fleer and the Conceptual PlayWorlds research team.

  • Download free app

    A set of videos to guide you through the design of your own playworlds.

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