Create your own PlayWorld

Our Conceptual PlayWorld model has been developed by one of the world’s leading experts in early childhood education Professor Marilyn Fleer and is based on decades of research.

As an educator, you can use Conceptual PlayWorlds for different things. You can run a scientific PlayWorld or an engineering PlayWorld.

It could be about social and emotional development like a Respectful Relationships PlayWorld, or it could be for some other kind of narrative development play, for example in literacy.

This is a kind of ecology – a program of learning and development which is about creating an imaginary situation together with the children.

Draw from a step-by-step toolkit, and make it your own

There are five steps to setting up and developing a Conceptual PlayWorld that are really important. But make them your own, because you will be making decisions that best suit the children you work with. You know them best.

Conceptual PlayWorld blank template (DOCX, 0.1 MB)

PlayWorld starters

These tried and tested PlayWorlds will help you get started.

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