Create your own PlayWorld

We’ve developed a range of resources for parents, carers and playgroups. You can either use ours – we’ve designed them as step-by-step guides –  or create your own using a favourite story or book.

Our five key steps are all based on research. You’ll be amazed at how they work.

Conceptual PlayWorld blank template (DOCX, 0.1 MB)

  • Step 1: Read your book

    As you read, notice how the characters might be feeling, or notice specific parts of the story that will later form a part of your PlayWorld.

  • Step 2: Prepare for your play

    Get all your ingredients together. As a parent or carer, it’s likely you’ll need to make a recording or writer a letter to introduce a problem in the play that children will solve.

  • Step 3: Go on your adventure

    An important part of the PlayWorld is the entry and exit. We always suggest an imaginary device to signify you’ve entered the play. It can be as simple a sign, putting on a hat or even jumping on a magic broom. Both the adults and children take on a role.

  • Step 4: Encounter a problem

    This is where the drama really gets ramped up, creating a sense of urgency to find solutions. This are what our research calls ‘motivating conditions’, and amp up the learning potential of a PlayWorld.

  • Step 5: Learn through play

    Investigating solutions to the problem – and then implementing them through play – is where the magic happens. You expand vocabulary, enhance empathy, support literacy and most of all, have fun.

PlayWorld starters

Are you ready to give it a go? Why not try one of our pop-up Conceptual PlayWorld starters designed specifically for families and playgroups. You can also explore our range of resources developed as part of our partnership with ABC Education.

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