The Chancellor

The Chancellor of Monash University is elected/appointed to office by the members of Council.

The Chancellor's role encompasses ceremonial, statutory, regulatory and executive functions.  The ceremonial aspects of the role include presiding over degree conferrals, representing the University at official functions and representing Council within the Monash and external communities.

The Chancellor's statutory and regulatory functions include presiding as Chairman of the Council and Council Committees and exercising delegated authority to make determinations to facilitate business between meetings of Council.

The executive functions of the Chancellor extend to oversight of the process to review the performance of the Vice-Chancellor and approving the Vice-Chancellor's leave and overseas travel.

The Chancellor's role also includes meeting with the Vice-Chancellor to discuss and receive briefings on issues affecting the University and to offer support, advice and counsel to the Vice-Chancellor as chief executive officer of the University.

The current Chancellor is Mr Simon McKeon.