PhD Researchers

NameProject Industry Partner Main Supervisor

Jonathan Chew

Jonathan Chew

Spray Drying Optimisation

The project will investigate key parameters to help optimize throughput and product quality with current spray driers, and minimise waste.

Tatura Milk Industries (a subsidiary of Bega Cheese)

Meng Wai Woo

Lavaraj Devkota


Optimization of Legume Processing and Functional Food Product Development:

This PhD project explores the opportunities and challenges for application of novel technologies compared with traditional soaking and cooking in legume processing for value addition and product diversification.


Victoria Haritos

Zoya Huschtscha


NPD Adult Nutrition:

This project focuses on developing novel products targeted at providing a functional benefit to active adults. It will combine the goodness of dairy with other active ingredients for the development of a scientifically validated products.

Lion Co

Ricardo Da Costa

Shalveen Raj


Chromatographic Techniques for Metabolomics Study of lactic acid fermentation of fruits and vegetables:

The focus of the project is to develop targeted and untargeted metabolomics analytical techniques for characterising the biochemical/chemical changes that occur during lactic acid fermentation of underutilised plant biomass.


Phil Marriott 

Isabella Russo


NPD Sports Nutrition

This project focuses on developing novel products focused on recovery nutrition for sport and exercise. It will combine the goodness of dairy with other active ingredients for the development of a scientifically validated functional product to optimise all aspects of recovery.

Lion Co

Ricardo Da Costa

Daniel So

Daniel So

Product efficacy validation and NPD

This project will encompass a series of in vitro and in vivo trials to better understand the efficacy and functionality of sugarcane fibre in humans, as well as the development of a product incorporating sugarcane fibre as an ingredient.

Tamu Innovations

Jane Muir

Daisy (Yong Mei) Sun


NIS low GI powder product development:

This project is to develop low GI food powder with technologies in Chemical Engineering Department. The research is mainly focused on low GI food powder formula development and process optimization. The project goal is to achieve shelf stable food powder with low GI value formulas and desired sensory experience.


Meng Wai Woo

Grace Talbot-Walsh


NPD Cheese

The project will enable Bega Cheese to increase their process efficiency by developing a better understanding of key parameters during manufacturing, and to expand their product portfolio.

Bega Cheese

Cordelia Selomulya

Fernando Toledo Hernandez


Process Optimisation

This project aims to understand the important parameters affecting the rotating pan process and to recommend innovative approaches to upgrade the operation of the plant.

Dollar Sweets

Meng Wai Woo

Abodi Arayyes

Abdalrahman Alrayyes 

Smart pack / coatings design and synthesis to optimise meat quality

The project will focus on developing new polymer smart packaging and coatings technology to improve meat colour and have predictable eating profile which can deliver value to the Australian red meat industry.

Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd (MLA)

Kei Saito

Laila Hossain

Laila Hossain

Developing Superabsorbent to Improve Red Meat Quality

This project will develop superabsorbent to absorb free blood from retail ready meat while exploring the option towards biodegradability.

Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd (MLA) Gil Garnier
Debarati Bhadury
Debarati Bhadury 

Development of on-pack visual indicators of eating quality and freshness for beef and lamb products

This project will be to develop two on-pack visual indicators. One that will ensure the consumer will cook and eat high value meat cuts at the optimum time, and another that will monitor the shelf life and freshness of packaged meat products.

Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd (MLA) Kellie Tuck

Fang Wen
Debarati Bhadury

Optimisation of nutrient capture for Australian diary farms

This project will work on improving current understanding of the chemical and physical characteristics and within storage transformations of dairy cow excreta under different farming conditions(scale, feed etc..), and seeking new technologies to achieve greater nutrient capture and reduced environmental impacts.
Agriculture Victoria

Xueqing (Rachel) Liu

Rachel Xueqing

Grape-derived antioxidants

This project will explore opportunities presented by naturally occurring antioxidants from grapes and wine in collaboration with an industry-leading global wine company. The project will involve critical review of health data covering antioxidants and their efficacy in humans and animal models, identify the latest discoveries and determine evidence of benefits.

Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) Victoria Haritos