Management Team

Cordelia Selomulya

Professor Cordelia Selomulya is the Food and Dairy GRIP Co-director and Leader of the Engineering Program. She is based in Chemical Engineering at Monash University. Cordelia is an ARC Future Fellow and an adjunct Professor of Chemical Engineering at Soochow University. Cordelia leads the Biotechnology and Food Engineering group in collaboration with the dairy industry in Australia, funded by Gardiner Foundation, ARC, and Dairy Innovation Australia Ltd, and with the US dairy industry via Dairy Management Inc (which manages US Dairy Export Council and National Dairy Research Council). She is the director of the recently announced Australia-China Joint Research Centre in Future Dairy Manufacturing, working with dairy industry partners in Australia and China.

Ricardo Da Costa

Dr Ricardo Da Costa is the Food and Dairy GRIP Co-director and Leader of Medicine Program. He is based at the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at Monash University. Ricardo is a HPC Registered Dietitian and SENr Registered Sport Dietitian. Prior to joining Monash, his academic activities at Coventry University- UK (2009-2013), included postgraduate Sport and Exercise Nutrition Course Director, Research Fellow, and led the Coventry University Sport and Exercise Nutritional Support and Research Team (2010-2013).

Yoni Sharon

Yoni is the Industry Portfolio Manager for the Faculty of Engineering at Monash University. Yoni's professional experience is in AgTech, FoodTech and the Water sectors. Yoni's previous roles were with aquaculture and horticulture ventures in operations, product development and business development. Yoni has managed and worked closely with operational teams, engineers, researchers, entrepreneurs, consumers, suppliers, product developers, investors, lawyers and government officials across three continents. Yoni holds a bachelor degree from the Technion - Israel's Institute of Technology and and PhD from Tel Aviv University.

M: 0436 433 939