Graduate Research Industry Partnerships (GRIP)

The GRIP for a Globally Competitive Australian Dairy and Food Industry brings together Monash University researchers from Engineering, Science, Medicine (Nutritional Science and Dietetics), and Information Technology who will help to drive the necessary innovation and develop a pipeline of research talent for the sector.

As a forum for knowledge exchange, the program will empower the dairy and food industry to respond to market challenges with an agile and innovative workforce. The GRIP will provide training for PhD researchers, who will work on collaborative and embedded R&D projects in the industry partners’ specific areas of interest. The GRIP will be supervised through an internationally recognized, interdisciplinary team led by A/Prof. Victoria Haritos and Dr. Ricardo Da Costa, and with project leaders including Prof. Tony Patti, A/Prof. Vanessa Wong, Prof. Philip Marriot, Prof. Gil Garnier, A/Prof. Kellie Tuck, A/Prof. Kei Saito, Dr. Joanne Tanner, A/Prof. Jane Muir, Prof. Huanting Wang and others.

Summary of participating partners with industry-focused PhD research projects, the PhD researchers and Monash University supervisors.

Industry partner PhD topic PhD researcher Monash University supervisors and
Industry Mentors


Dairy product development

Grace Talbot-Walsh

Prof. Cordelia Selomulya

Karren Bathurst (Bega Cheese)

A/Prof. David Kannar (Medicine)

Dollar Sweets 

Process Improvements at Dollar Sweets

Fernando Toledo Hernandez

Miranda Higgins (Dollar Sweets)

New Product Formulation – Adult Nutrition

Zoya Huschtscha

A/Prof. Ricardo Da Costa (Medicine)

Mr Greg Holden (Lion Dairy & Drinks)


New Product Formulation – Sports Nutrition

Isabella Russo

A/Prof. Ricardo Da Costa (Medicine)

Mr Greg Holden (Lion Dairy & Drinks)


Optimisation of Legume Processing

Lavaraj Devkota

A/Prof. Victoria Haritos (Chemical Engineering)

Dr Jocelyn Midgley (Simplot Australia)


The Development of New Products from Sugar Cane

Daisy (Yongmei) Sun

A/Prof. David Kannar (Industry)

Tamu Innovations

Nutritional benefits of Sugar Cane Ingredients

Daniel So

A/Prof. Jane Muir (Department of Gastroenterology)

Prof. Peter Gibson (Department of Gastroenterology)

Dr Jonathan Middis (Tamu Innovations)


TATURA Milk-Monash Collaborative Plant Improvement Projects

Jonathan Chew

Karren Bathurst (Bega Cheese)

Prof. Cordelia Selomulya

Prof. Kate Smith-Miles (MAXIMA)


Development of improved technologies for Australian dairy farms

Mark (Fang) Wen

Prof. Tony Patti (School of Chemistry)

A/Prof Vanessa Wong (School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment)

Dr Cameron Gourley (Agriculture Victoria)


Manure technologies for enhanced resource use efficiency


Prof. Tony Patti (School of Chemistry)

Dr Cameron Gourley (Agriculture Victoria)


Chromatographic Techniques for Metabolomics Study of lactic acid fermentation of fruits and vegetables

Shalveen Raj

Prof. Philip Marriot (School of Chemistry)

Dr. Netsanet Shiferaw Terefe (CSIRO Agriculture and Food)

Super-absorbent solutions:improving red meat quality

Laila Hossain

Prof. Gil Garnier (Chemical Engineering)

Dr. Joanne Tanner (Chemical Engineering)

Mr. Michael Lee (MLA)


Smart pack/Coatings design and synthesis to optimise meat quality

Abodi (Abdalrahman) Arayyes

A/Prof. Kei Saito (School of Chemistry)

Prof. Huanting Wang (Chemical Engineering)

Michael Lee (MLA)


Development of on-pack visual indicators of eating quality and freshness for beef and lamb products

Debarati Bhadury

A/Prof. Kellie Tuck (School of Chemistry)

Dr. Joanne Tanner (Chemical Engineering)


Grape-derived antioxidants

Xueqing (Rachel) Liu

A/Prof. Victoria Haritos (Chemical Engineering)

Dr. Tom Karagiannis (Department of Diabetes, Faculty of Medicine)

Mr. Andrew Mock (TWE)


Improving functional milk properties


Prof. Cordelia Selomulya