Indigenous Research Action Plan

Amid a time of profound social and economic disruption, Monash University is of the firm view that there has never been a more compelling need to foster strong relationships with Indigenous communities across Australia, to build and develop the next generation of Indigenous scholars and thinkers, and to support the advancement of Indigenous knowledges.

The University’s dedicated Indigenous Research Action Plan recognises the vital contribution of Indigenous research as a responsibility to Indigenous peoples, and as a key contributor to reconciliation.

Focus Research and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Framework: 2019 – 2030 highlight a range of priorities to engage talented Indigenous faculty and students in order to build enduring partnerships with Indigenous communities, organisations and peoples.

The new Indigenous Research Action Plan outlines the flagship strategies and activities that have been designed to advance Indigenous research at Monash.

It will be updated on an annual basis and builds on the work that is already underway in faculties and other support areas at the University. The Indigenous Research Action Plan is supported by a series of case studies that aim to profile Indigenous research and importantly, the contribution of Indigenous researchers at Monash.

One of the priorities identified within this plan is the curation and development of communities of practice, as a means to grow the overall community of Indigenous researchers at Monash.

In supporting these aims, the Indigenous Research Showcase and Strategy Forum was convened in October, in conjunction with the Office of the Provost. Close to 100 Indigenous researchers and non-Indigenous academics working with and for Indigenous communities came together to share their work and advance key strategic priorities related to the advancement of the Indigenous Research Action Plan.

The Indigenous Research Action Plan and its supporting elements have been developed in close consultation with senior Indigenous academic leaders across the University, in close collaboration with colleagues from the Office of the Provost and Senior Vice-President, and expertly reviewed by the University’s Indigenous Advisory Council and other key external advisors.

It will also guide the investment of key initiatives within the William Cooper Institute to develop and grow the contribution of Indigenous research.