Media Reporting of Climate Change in Australia

How does Australian media report on climate change?

Who gets the most attention in talking about climate change?

What are the dominant frames through which climate change is discussed?

Are newspaper groups divided over how they talk about climate change.

What are the most trusted news sources covering climate change?

Our analysis of media is focused on both the reporting of extreme weather and policy events. Analysis of this type already conducted includes coverage of Australia’s Black Summer 2019-2020 and Black Saturday 2009, reporting of the mid-latitude cyclone that impacted South Australia in 2016 and coverage of the announcement of Snowy Hydro 2.0.

Future analysis will examine reporting of the Queensland cyclones and bushfires that impacted all mainland states of Australia from November 2019. Future examination of policy events will look at Australian reporting of the abolition of the carbon tax (June 2014), COP21 (December 2015), the announcement of the National Energy Guarantee (October 2017) and COP25 (December 2019).