Smart Energy City

We're building an on-site microgrid at Clayton campus. In the next 10 years, we'll eliminate our dependence on coal-fired energy sources.

Our microgrid will be versatile enough to receive and store energy from various renewable energy sources. We'll be able to control when and how we use our energy, which means we can reduce demand and strain on the network during peak times.

Our microgrid will also help stabilise the wider grid, making it more resilient. This will benefit the broader community, especially during extreme weather events.

In partnership with global tech company Indra, Monash is developing a precinct scale microgrid platform as part of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) funded Smart Energy City project.

Using Indra’s grid management platform, the Smart Energy City project will enable control of distributed energy resources, including a minimum of one MW of solar panels, 20 buildings, electric vehicle charging stations and one MWh of energy storage. These assets will be monitored in real-time, optimised to ensure efficient and reliable supply of electricity and connected to a transactive energy market, developed by Monash University's leading eResearch Centre, which will allow each asset to independently buy and sell electricity, and optimise energy use in response to pricing signals.

The Smart Energy City introductory report highlights the microgrid platform being developed, and key questions highlighted by industry stakeholders.