Accountability and Approval Pathways

Policy Development Roles

Each Policy, Procedure and Schedule will have an author, owner, endorser and approver.  Owner, endorser and approver are specified as roles or committees, not named individuals. In some situations there may be one or more endorsing bodies prior to approval.

  • Author is a delegate of the policy owner and is responsible for:
    • creating a document or reviewing and amending an existing document;
    • managing the appropriate consultation with relevant stakeholders; and
    • managing the transmission of the document to endorsement and through to approval.
  • Owner is accountable for:
    • the ongoing relevance and currency of the document;
    • the document, once approved, is appropriately communicated to all relevant stakeholders, including students; and
    • implementation of a policy, procedure or schedule.
  • Endorser is responsible for:
    • endorsing a document to be submitted to the final approver.
  • Approver is responsible for:
    • approval of the document.

Approval Pathways

Approval pathways for all policy, procedures and schedules are listed in the table below.

Category TypeApprovalEndorsement
Policy Academic BoardRelevant Academic Board standing committees: CAPC, LTC, GRC and/or MRC.
Education coursework procedureCoursework Admissions and Programs Committee (CAPC)Relevant senior officer: e.g. Senior Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
Education learning and teaching procedureLearning and Teaching Committee (LTC)Relevant senior officer: e.g. DVC (Education)
Graduate research procedure Graduate Research Committee (GRC)Relevant senior officer: e.g. Vice-Provost (Faculty & Graduate Affairs)
Research procedure Monash Research Committee (MRC)Relevant senior officer: e.g. Senior Vice-Provost and Vice-Provost (Research)
ScheduleDelegated to the parent policy owner: e.g. DVC (Education)Relevant faculty/campus committees or senior officer(s)
Policy Vice-Chancellor’s Executive CommitteeRelevant senior officer: e.g. COO, CFO
Procedure Delegated to the relevant executive officer: e.g. COO, CFORelevant senior officer: e.g. Executive Director, FiRM
Schedule Delegated to the parent policy owner: e.g. COO, CFORelevant faculty/campus committees or senior officer(s), e.g. PVC & President (Malaysia)