Recruitment and appointment

Recruitment Selection and Appointment Policy [RTF][PDF]
Advancing Indigenous Employment Policy [PDF]
Academic leadership appointments [RTF][PDF]
Academic titles [RTF] [PDF]
Additional appointments and duties [RTF] [PDF]
Adjunct appointments (academic) [RTF] [PDF]
Casual and sessional appointments [RTF] [PDF]
Classification for professional staff [RTF] [PDF]
Direct appointments [RTF] [PDF]
Education Focused Roles  
Eminent professorial appointment [RTF] [PDF]
Fixed-term and continuing staff appointment [RTF] [PDF]
Honorary appointments (professional staff) [RTF] [PDF]
International vacancies managed from Australia [RTF] [PDF]
Level E Appointment [RTF] [PDF]
National Police checks (previously Pre-employment checks)[RTF] [PDF]
Reclassification (professional staff) [RTF] [PDF]
Research Support Staff [RTF] [PDF]
Secondments and transfers (internal) [RTF] [PDF]
Secondments (external)[RTF][PDF]
Temporary staff recruitment [RTF] [PDF]
Transfer to education-focused or practice academic role [RTF] [PDF]
Unpaid Internship Appointment & Conditions [RTF] [PDF]
Visitors to the University [RTF] [PDF]
Work Experience [RTF] [PDF]
Working with Children Checks (previously Pre-employment checks)[RTF] [PDF]
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Casual Conversion  [PDF]
Categories of Employment at Monash  
Fair Work Information Statement[RTF][PDF]
HR Delegations  
HR Forms  
Indigenous Employment at Monash  
Process for filling an international assignment opportunity in Malaysia, South Africa or other locations managed from Australia [RTF] [PDF]
Recruitment Guidelines