Probation, performance and promotion

Probation, Performance and Promotion Policy[RTF][PDF]
Academic Probation (for appointments made on or after 07 October 2014) (under review)[RTF] [PDF]
Academic Promotion: Level B[RTF][PDF]
Academic Promotion: Levels C-E (procedure for 2020/2021 only)[RTF][PDF]
Academic Promotion Appeals Procedure [RTF][PDF]
Conferences and field work [RTF] [PDF]
Disciplinary Matters[RTF][PDF]
Outside study program [RTF] [PDF]
Performance development (academic staff) [RTF] [PDF]
Performance development (professional staff) [RTF] [PDF]
Probation procedure (professional staff) [RTF] [PDF]
Staff Professional Development Procedure [RTF][PDF]
Trades & Services Staff Performance Enhancement Scheme (Casual Staff) [RTF][PDF]
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