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HR Policies  
Advancing Indigenous Employment [RTF][PDF]
Employment Conditions [RTF][PDF]
Equal Opportunity [RTF][PDF]
Ethics Statement [RTF][PDF]
Integrity and Respect [RTF][PDF]
Leave and Wellbeing [RTF][PDF]
Pay, Benefits and Entitlements [RTF][PDF]
Probation, Performance and Promotion [RTF][PDF]
Recruitment and Appointment [RTF][PDF]
HR Procedures  
Academic Leadership Appointments [RTF][PDF]
Academic Probation (for appointments made on or after 07 October 2014) [RTF][PDF]
Academic Promotion: Level B [RTF][PDF]
Academic Promotion: Levels C-E [RTF][PDF]
Academic Promotion Rehearing Process: Levels B-E [RTF][PDF]
Academic Titles [RTF][PDF]
Additional Appointments and Duties [RTF][PDF]
Adjunct Appointments (Academic) [RTF][PDF]
All Leave (Overarching Procedure)[RTF][PDF]
Annual Leave [RTF][PDF]
Behaviours in the Workplace [RTF][PDF]
Breastfeeding [RTF][PDF]
Career Break Leave [RTF][PDF]
Casual and Sessional Appointments[RTF][PDF]
Ceremonial Leave[RTF][PDF]
Children in the Workplace [RTF][PDF]
Classification for Professional Staff [RTF][PDF]
Conferences and Field Work [RTF][PDF]
Conflict of Interest [RTF][PDF]
Death in Service [RTF][PDF]
Defence Reserves [RTF][PDF]
Direct Appointments[RTF][PDF]
Disciplinary Matters[RTF][PDF]
Dispute Settlement and Employment Related Grievances Resolution [RTF][PDF]
Domestic Travel (Australian-Based Staff) [RTF][PDF]
Eminent Professorial Appointment [RTF][PDF]
Employee Assistance [RTF][PDF]
Employment Checks (previously National Police checks) [RTF][PDF]
Employment Visas [RTF][PDF]
Entertainment [RTF][PDF]
Excess Annual Leave [RTF][PDF]
Family Violence Support [RTF][PDF]
Fixed-Term and Continuing Staff Appointment [RTF][PDF]
Flexible Work [RTF][PDF]
Gender Affirmation [RTF][PDF]
Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality [RTF][PDF]
HR Delegations and Authorities [RTF][PDF]
Honorary Appointments (Professional Staff) [RTF][PDF]
International Assignment for Monash Australia Staff [RTF][PDF]
International Travel (Australian Based Staff) [RTF][PDF]
Level E Appointment [RTF][PDF]
Long Service Leave [RTF][PDF]
Mandatory Compliance Training [RTF][PDF]
Mobile Phone and Telephone Usage [RTF][PDF]
Motor Vehicle Arrangements [RTF][PDF]
Novated Lease [RTF][PDF]
Outside Study Program[RTF][PDF]
Overtime (Professional Staff) [RTF][PDF]
Paid Outside Work [RTF][PDF]
Performance Development (Academic Staff) [RTF][PDF]
Performance Development (Professional Staff) [RTF][PDF]
Pre-Natal and Parental Leave [RTF][PDF]
Professional Staff Probation [RTF][PDF]
Reasonable Workplace Adjustments [RTF][PDF]
Recruitment, Appointment and Assignment to International Vacancies Managed from Australia [RTF][PDF]
Redundancy and Redeployment [RTF][PDF]
Relocation Assistance for New Appointees [RTF][PDF]
Research Support Staff [RTF][PDF]
Resignation and Exiting the University [RTF][PDF]
Resolution of Unacceptable Behaviour and Discrimination [RTF][PDF]
Retirement and Pre-Retirement [RTF][PDF]
Salaries, Allowances and Loadings [RTF][PDF]
Salary Packaging [RTF][PDF]
Secondments and Transers (Internal) [RTF][PDF]
Secondments (External) [RTF][PDF]
Sick and Carer's Leave [RTF][PDF]
Special Leave[RTF][PDF]
Staff Professional Development[RTF][PDF]
Staff/Student Personal Relationships [RTF][PDF]
Superannuation [RTF][PDF]
Trades and Services Staff Performance Enhancement Scheme (Casual Staff) [RTF][PDF]
Translation of existing staff to an education-focused or practice academic role [RTF][PDF]
Unpaid Internship Appointment and Conditions [RTF][PDF]
Visitors to the University [RTF][PDF]
Voluntary Reduced Working Year (Purchased Leave) [RTF][PDF]
Work Experience [RTF][PDF]
WorkCover [RTF][PDF]
Working from Home [RTF][PDF]
Working with Children Checks[RTF][PDF]
Workplace Giving [RTF][PDF]
Workplace Volunteering [RTF][PDF]