Employment conditions

Workforce Management Policy [RTF][PDF]
International Staffing and Staff Mobility Policy [RTF] [PDF]
Leaving Monash Policy [RTF] [PDF]
Death in service [RTF] [PDF]
Domestic travel (Australian-based staff) [RTF] [PDF]
Employment visas [RTF] [PDF]
Flexible work [RTF] [PDF]
Flexible work (job-share) [RTF] [PDF]
International assignment for Monash Australia staff [RTF] [PDF]
International travel (Australian based staff) [RTF] [PDF]
Overtime and time off in lieu (professional staff) [RTF] [PDF]
Redundancy and redeployment [RTF] [PDF]
Resignation and exiting the University [RTF] [PDF]
Retirement and pre-retirement [RTF] [PDF]
Working from home [RTF] [PDF]
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Arrangements for Engineering Services Officers (staff only access)[RTF][PDF]
Child Safe Standards  
Exit Checklist  
Framework for Academic Workload Models  [PDF]
Guidelines for Implementing the Framework for the Development of Academic Workload Models[RTF] [PDF]
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