Integrity and respect

Ethics Statement Policy[RTF][PDF]
Equal Opportunity Policy[RTF][PDF]
Integrity and Respect Policy[RTF][PDF]
Acceptance of gifts, benefits and hospitality [RTF] [PDF]
Behaviours in the Workplace[RTF][PDF]
Conflict of interest [RTF] [PDF]
Disciplinary action and dismissal [RTF] [PDF]
Dispute settlement and employment related grievances resolution [RTF] [PDF]
Entertainment [RTF] [PDF]
HR delegations and authorities[RTF][PDF]
Mandatory compliance training [RTF] [PDF]
Mobile phone and telephone usage [RTF] [PDF]
Paid outside work [RTF] [PDF]
Privacy [RTF] [PDF]
Representing Monash - Public Utterances (refer to Media procedure) [RTF] [PDF]
Resolution of unacceptable behaviour and discrimination[RTF][PDF]
Staff/student personal relationships [RTF][PDF]
Whistleblowers [RTF] [PDF]
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Examples of Conflict of Interest & Guidelines for Action [RTF][PDF]
Fraud & Corruption Policy [RTF] [PDF]
General Misconduct (students)  
HR Delegations  
HR Forms  
Privacy at Monash