Director's message

Director's message

Kim Cornish

At Monash, we are bringing together world-leading research capability and people to galvanise novel solutions for the enormous mental health challenges facing our modern world. The Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health is the result of a transformational gift by the late David Winston Turner to detect and treat mental health conditions, improving the lives of millions of sufferers.

The Turner Institute aims to be a disruptor in this space, both locally in our communities and globally. In Australia alone, one in five adults experience mental illness in any one-year, with economic costs estimated at up to $40 billion. In our children and youth, an estimated 560,000 experience feelings of anxiety and depression that can cascade into deleterious lifelong outcomes. Suicide is the biggest cause of mortality in young people aged 15-24. Around the globe, it is now recognised there is a pressing need to build and invest in mentally healthy communities. The Turner Institute aims to do just that. Across its three overarching themes – Developing Well, Living Well, and Ageing Well – we will work side by side with our communities to build resilient, healthy brains early in life and to develop tools to promote healthy lifestyles and maintain brain health as we age.

The vision of Turner Institute is to become the leading brain and mental health research institution in Asia-Pacific, with a global footprint. We hope you will join us on our mission towards a world of mentally healthy communities.

Professor Kim Cornish,
Director, Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health