Addiction and Mental Health

Addiction Lead

Professor Murat Yücel

T: +61 3 9902 9765

Addiction Deputy Lead

Professor Antonio Verdejo-Garcia

T: +61 3 9905 5374

Substance abuse. Problem gambling. Depression. Anxiety. Excessive eating. Mental ill-health has high costs to the individual and to society. Much of the treatment that is accessed isn’t as good as it needs to be, and a lot of people either don’t or can’t access help.

The Addiction and Mental Health Program is working to understand fundamental brain processes that underpin mental ill-health. We then translate our findings into clinical, lifestyle and technology-based interventions and treatments that actually work, and are cost-effective and accessible.

Much of our work is undertaken in our brand new next-generation mental health research facility, BrainPark.

At the same time, we’re investigating the interplay of neuroscience and society, as well as ethical treatment and research. We work across academia, health care, industry and the community, to conduct impactful research and to translate findings into tangible outcomes that will benefit all Australians.

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