Information for schools

We are inviting a select number of state and independent schools across Melbourne to take part in the Alfi VR Project.

What would be involved for your school?

Schools that decide to take part in the Alfi trial must have approval from the school Principal. Schools can help by advertising the project to students and their families, and by providing a space where students could complete the two assessment sessions and the Alfi VR program. Interested families would be asked to contact the research team directly to register their child for the project and a list of participating students would be provided to the school. Half of the participating students will complete the Alfi VR program, whilst the other half will be asked to attend class as normal.

After initial assessments have been completed researchers will visit the school twice a week to run the program one on one with students during class time. Each training sessions takes approximately 30 minutes. Researchers will provide all the equipment, and will set up and run the program. Teachers will not be required to contribute any time or complete any questionnaires. Our research team are experienced working in schools and aim to ensure that our research causes minimal disruption and distraction.

How can your school take part?

If you are interested in being involved in the Alfi VR research project please get in touch via email at or via phone on (03) 9905 3255. Our researchers are available to meet in person or over the phone to answer any questions you may have.