Sean Drummond Lab

Welcome to the Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience of Sleep Lab

Broadly speaking, we examine the role of sleep and sleep loss in cognition, behaviour, and mental health. We assess sleep both in the Sleep and Circadian Rhythm Program Area’s state of the art sleep lab and at home, using polysomnography (EEG-based sleep studies), actigraphy (non-invasive, motion-based assessment of sleep), and self-report.

We are interested in a plethora of cognitive domains, including decision making, attention, working memory and error awareness. To measure cognition, we employ computerised tests, EEG, EMG, ERPs, and pupillometry.

We are keenly interested in the role of sleep in mental health, especially PTSD and mood disorders. We conduct both mechanism studies and treatment studies in this area.

The Lab is led by Professor Sean P.A. Drummond.

We are part of the School of Psychological Sciences and a member of the Sleep and Circadian Rhythms Program in the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health.

Lab news

Read about some of our latest research and other highlights here.