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Applying for a student visa

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) is responsible for issuing visas for entry to Australia. Students who are planning to study a CRICOS registered course are required to obtain a student visa.

After you apply to Monash and are accepted into a course, you will need to apply for and be granted a visa before arriving in Australia for your study.

See Applying for a student visa for information about the application process.

Once you have accepted and paid the deposit for your Full Offer, you will be issued an electronic Confirmation of Enrollment (eCoE).  You can then apply for your Student Visa with the eCoE issued.

Use the Document Checklist Tool to find out what evidence you may need to submit with your application. Enter your country of passport and education provider to get an accurate Document Checklist.

Do I need to provide evidence of having met the English requirements at the time of lodgement of the visa?

All applicants are required to be able to meet the English language and financial requirements regardless of their evidence level. This means that even streamlined evidence students must have the capability to meet the English language requirement. DHA may choose to request evidence. They do not need, however, to provide any test results up front or have sat the test before they apply.

Students need to meet the education provider’s requirements for enrolment.

They are not required to upload the evidence of meeting the financial capability requirements however the documents must be ready to be supplied if requested by DHA.

Have the guidelines relating to disbursement of education loans changed?

The best evidence of genuine access was disbursement of a loan. What DHA requires is evidence of genuine access to funds. It is best that these funds (or if sourced through a loan) be in the account of the student or sponsor, for ready access by the student.

Work rights

One of the benefits of an Australian Student Visa is the ability to work part time while studying.  Check your visa conditions to find out the number of hours that you and your family members can work while you are in Australia.

When you have started your course of study in Australia, you can generally work up to 40 hours per fortnight when your course is in session and unlimited hours during scheduled course breaks.

Please refer to The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) website for the conditions of a Student Visa.