Conducting Research in Indonesia: Ethics and permit requirements hub

The process of seeking the required permits for conducting research in Indonesia can seem daunting and overwhelming so we have collaborated with leaders in the field and the governing body to create this hub to help you on your research journey.

We thank our partners: The Indonesia Council, Australian Consortium for In-Country Indonesian Studies, BRIN and the University of Sydney, with a special acknowledgement to Dr Natali Pearson.

This hub includes resources that range from instructions, the visa process overview, registration guides and FAQs. Included is a document provided by the French Institute for those applying for an Indonesian research permit and ethics approval. It suggests that researchers staying less than 30 days do not need an ITAS (limited stay permit, formerly known as a KITAS), do not need to report to Immigration in Jakarta (but partners need to report to Immigration on their behalf - unclear as to which immigration office), and do not need an EPO (Exit Permit Only).

Our recent seminar provides an overview of the process, plus hear from researchers who have recently undergone the process, and the governing body BRIN.

Watch the seminar

We hope that you find this hub useful.