About the Centre

Portrait of Sharyn Davies
Associate Professor Sharyn Davies, Director of the Monash Herb Feith Indonesian Engagement Centre

The Monash Herb Feith Indonesian Engagement Centre is a dynamic platform for developing strong collaborations and exchange between academic researchers, creative industry, and government, industry and alumni leaders from across Monash and Indonesia. The Centre acts as a hub for engagement with Indonesia, providing a platform for media outreach from Monash and Indonesian partners though research briefs, commentary on public issues, collaborative events and digital communications.

Centre Director Associate Professor Sharyn Davies is recognised internationally as an expert in the field of Indonesian Studies and for her contributions on policing in Indonesia, police corruption, social media, surveillance, gender and sexuality. Associate Professor Davies is invaluable in advancing the University’s strong engagement with Indonesia.

The Herb Feith Indonesian Engagement Centre continues to build and enhance engagement with Indonesia through a plethora of initiatives, many of which were established by Inaugural Centre Director, Emeritus Professor Ariel Heryanto, and are continued by Associate Professor Sharyn Davies. Through this program, the centre is playing a long-term game: investing in the development of future generations of Australians whose work, recreation and study will involve Indonesia in substantial ways.

Named for Herb Feith, a Monash scholar and engaged activist who led international research on Indonesian politics, the Centre continues our proud connection to his legacy of positive collaboration, and critical and non-violent approaches to conflict resolution and human rights. Herb Feith was a formidable leader in the development of Indonesian Studies in Australia and bringing the two countries together, inspiring generations to follow in his footsteps of activism and fighting for what is right. Read more about Herb Feith.

As a leading international educational institution, and host of significant Asia expertise, such as the Herb Feith Indonesian Engagement Centre, Monash is an important partner for the Government's agenda. 

Hon Penny Wong MP, Minister for Foreign Affairs
29 September 2022
[In a letter to Professor Margaret Gardner, Monash University,  former Vice Chancellor]