'Seeking the Imam' Documentary

MISS 2 - March 4

'Seeking the Imam' Documentary

Presenter - Dr Noor Huda Ismail and Nur Dhainia

When Dhania was 17 years old she fell for ISIS propaganda and chose to leave Indonesia and travel to Syria to join ISIS. Not wanting to go alone, Dhania invited her family to come along and they lived in Syria for almost 2 years. Dhania soon saw that ISIS life was not as sweet as the propaganda made it out to be. Managing to escape from ISIS territory, Dhania and her family are now back in Indonesia. They are actively campaigning for the prevention of terrorism, promoting messages of peace and providing a counter-narrative to ISIS propaganda.

In this seminar Dr Huda was joined by Dhania, the protagonist of the documentary and together they discussed both the making of the documentary and Dhania’s time in Syria.

Watch the webinar here.