The Power of Sports Diplomacy: How we can grow Indonesia-Australia relations

MISS 1 - March 3

Speakers - Robbie Gaspar and Ana Surjanto

Sport is a mechanism that brings people together and advances the understanding of each other whilst minimising tensions. It can bring about positive change and build relationships across borders while also underpinning the health and wellbeing of communities. With Indonesia's population exceeding 275 million, sports offer Indonesia and Australia an excellent opportunity to promote and develop closer relations post COVID-19. The majority of Australians are unaware that our nearest neighbour has an immense passion for sport. This immense passion for sport in Indonesia offers Australia a valuable platform to build long-lasting people-to-people links by breaking through cultural misunderstandings and leveraging our sporting interests, associated social values, and geographical location. The Australian Government has also recognised this is a fundamental approach in developing stronger people-to-people links, developmental, cultural, trade, investment, and tourism opportunities with their second sports diplomacy strategy, "Sports Diplomacy 2030".

Watch the seminar here.