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Cultural Economy After Neo-Liberalism

  1. Post Neo-Liberalism and Cultural Policy (Arjo Klamer)
  2. Spectres of Acid Communism in the Creative Economy (Seb Olma)
  3. Key Issues for the Next Decade (Mark Banks, Kate Oakley, George Morgan)
  4. Making Spaces and Places (Jennifer Smith Maguire, Xin Gu and Pip Shea)
  5. Culture, Data and Algorithmic Curation (Mark Andrejevic, Caroline Wilson-Barnao)
  6. Policy, Logic and the Evaluation of Cultures (Julian Meyrick, Tully Barnett)
  7. Shaping the City for Cultural Production I (Jennifer Day, Bryn Davies, James Fitzgerald, Kate Shaw)
  8. Shaping the City for Cultural Production II (Markus Jung and Maud Cassaignau, Paul Loh and David Legget, Andrew Warren)
  9. Fringe to Famous - From Innovation Systems to Arguments from Cultural Value (Tony Moore, Maura Edmonds, Mark Gibson)

Smart City - A Creative City: A Symposium

  1. The Disappearance of the Creative City (Justin O'Connor)
  2. Let’s Smarten Up: Acid Communism and the Serendipitous City (Seb Olma)
  3. (Un-) Droning the City (Mark Andrejevic)
  4. Smart City-Creative City: Policy Panel (Ianto Ware and Michelle Tabet)
  5. The Communicative City (Scott McQuire)
  6. Creative Clusters and Media Cities (Xin Gu)
  7. Smart Cities: Logistics and Governance (Brett Neilson and Ned Rossiter)
  8. Branding, Digital Media and Urban Atmospherics (Nic Carah)
  9. Platform Architecture as Urban Design: Challenges for Smart Cities and Connected places (Sarah Barns)

Culture Economy Futures: A Symposium

  1. Session 1: Cultural Economy Policy (Justin O'Connor, Mark Banks, Avril Joffe)
  2. Session 2: Work in the Cultural Economy (Dave O'Brien, Susan Luckman)
  3. Session 3: Cultural Value (Julian Meyrick, Tully Barnett, Robert Phiddian, Ben Eltham)
  4. Session 4: Creative Cities (Carl Grodach, Deborah Stevenson, Kate Shaw)

Culture Media Economy Presents:

  1. Dr Kat Tiidenberg (Aarhus University) on the Ethics of Studying Social Media Visuals

    Supported by CME as part of the Monash University Digital Cultures Research Group seminar series