Books & Edited Collections


Drone Media

Andrejevic, M.

Mobile Media and Sport: Content, Technology and Markets on the Move

Hutchins, B. New York: Oxford University Press.


Fringe to Famous: indie and mainstream cultural production in Australia

Moore, T, Gibson, M., McAuliffe, C. Edmond, M., New York: Bloomsbury


Automated Media

Andrejevic, M. 2019 Routledge.

Henri Bergson and Visual Culture: A Philosophy for a New Aesthetic

Atkinson, P. London: I. B. Tauris.

Philippine Cinema and the Cultural Economy of Distribution

Lim, M. K. Palgrave Macmillan.


Cultural Industries in Shanghai: Policy and Planning inside a Global City

Lim, M. K. (ed.)O'Connor, J. (ed.) & Rong, Y. (ed.) 2018 Intellect Books.


Exploring Media Research

Ruddock, A. D. 2017 London: Sage.


When the Goal Posts Move: Patronage, Power and Resistance in Australian Cultural Policy, 2013-2016

Eltham, B. Strawberry Hills: Currency Press, iv + 65 pages. ISBN: 9780992489090.


The Routledge Companion to the Cultural Industries

O'Connor, M. J. & Oakley, K. 2015 Abingdon Oxon UK: Routledge.

Entanglements—activism and technology

Shea, P. (ed.), Notley, T (ed.) and J. Burgess (ed.) 2015. Fibreculture.

Media Sport: Practice, Culture and Innovation

Hutchins, B.Podkalicka, A. M. & Meese, J. M. 2015 London UK: SAGE Publications Ltd.


Infoglut: How too much information is changing the way we think and know

Andrejevic, M. 1 Jan 2013 1st ed. New York NY USA: Routledge.

Youth and Media

Ruddock, A. D. 2013 London UK: SAGE Publications Ltd

Intimacy and Friendship on Facebook

Lambert, A. T. 2013 Hampshire UK: Palgrave Macmillan.


Dancing with Empty Pockets: Australia's Bohemians Since 1860

Moore, A. B. 2012 1 ed. Millers Point NSW Australia: Pier 9.


The Cultural and Creative Industries: a Literature Review

O'Connor, J. 2010 2 ed. London: Creativity, Culture and Education.

Death or Liberty: Rebels and Radicals Transported to Australia 1788 - 1868

Moore, A. B. 2010 Millers Point NSW Australia: Murdoch Books.