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Our research asks these questions: What forces shape our lives? What makes for a rich and meaningful existence? How can we change things for the better?

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Dr Susan Carland wins 2019 Churchill Fellowship

As one of the recipients of the 2019 Churchill Fellowships, Dr Carland is set to travel the world in 2020, meeting and working with the world’s leading experts in the fight against bigotry with the aim of shaping practical strategies for combating toxic anti-Muslim sentiment in Australia.

Faculty 16 October 2019

Putting the humanities into human centred design

Monash University news

When it came time for social research designer and Raydon Scholar Kate McEntee to choose her PhD panel, she knew that she needed experts from the humanities to help her challenge the meaning of ‘human’ in human centred design. Enter Stacy Holman Jones, Professor at Monash Arts’ Centre for Theatre and Performance.

Faculty 15 October 2019

Why bioethics matters more than ever

PhD candidate Josh Hatherley and his supervisor Professor Robert Sparrow reveal why the call for bioethics expertise is growing louder.

Faculty 23 September 2019

Professor Tony Moore dives into Australia’s convict past thanks to ARC Linkage Grant

Professor Tony Moore from the Monash Arts School of Media, Film and Journalism has been awarded a significant ARC Linkage Grant for a major international digital history and media project titled 'Conviction Politics: Investigating the Convict Routes of Australian Democracy’.

Faculty 3 September 2019
Monash University news

PhD candidates Andi Brown and Rhoda Darkwah earn place in Raydon Scholars program

Monash Arts’ Andi Brown and Rhoda Darkwah are among the six inaugural scholarship recipients who will use their research as a force for social good, enabled by one of Australia’s largest philanthropic gifts of $8.8 million from an anonymous donor towards arts, social sciences and humanities research.

Faculty 26 August 2019
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