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The Monash Arts advantage

Develop the skills employers are looking for

Arts sets you up for a rapidly changing and competitive future world of work - the skills and abilities you will gain will help you navigate the AI economy in an agile and seamless way, making you a desirable candidate for employers, big and small.

We offer you courses that are distinctive, innovative and globally focussed. You will have dynamic work integrated learning experiences, study abroad opportunities and plenty of support to develop the skills employers are looking for:

Innovative and critical thinking
Helping you to develop skills in ethical and social innovation, leadership and a creative mindset. You’ll learn how to evaluate complex information, analyse the causes of a problem and suggest alternative solutions.

Global and cultural literacy
Preparing you to become a responsible and effective global citizen who engages with the world and developing your capacity to navigate and successfully engage with different cultures.

Communication and mental agility
– Preparing you to navigate a world of big data, you’ll develop strong skills in communication that enable you to express your ideas clearly, form an opinion, argue persuasively and think logically. You'll think on your feet, move easily with the changes and be comfortable with new and complex developments.

Leadership and emotional intelligence
– You’ll develop teamwork, decision-making, time management and goal-setting skills which will make you a desirable employee. You'll have the ability to form and maintain relationships with other people to create a productive and harmonious work environment.



Where can an Arts degree take me?

Our graduates go into as many career paths as there are majors. For example, there are linguists helping to improve the quality of life for the hearing impaired; social entrepreneurs helping people live more sustainably; and criminologists working on policy change in criminal justice.