About Academic Board

Academic Board is the principal academic body in the University.

Academic Board at Monash University is responsible to Council for the maintenance of high standards in teaching and research. The Board’s constitution, membership and terms of reference are set out in Section 29 of the Monash University Statute and in the Regulations made pursuant to this Statute.


Members of the Academic Board are drawn from the following 3 categories:

  1. Ex officio
  2. This includes the Vice-Chancellor, the Provost, designated members of senior academic management, the Chief Information Officer, University Librarian and the Deans.

  3. Appointed Members
  4. This category includes Deputy/Associate Deans, Heads of Departments etc, i.e, those staff with responsibility for academic leadership in the faculty.  These members are appointed by the Dean.

  5. Elected Members
  6. Faculty based academic staff and representative Institute Director Elections are held every two years.

Standing Committees

The standing committees established by the Academic Board to assist it in connection with the exercise of its functions are as follows:

  • Steering Committee, which is responsible for managing the business of the Board, and for resolving urgent items of business relevant to the Board’s remit.
  • Education Committee, which is responsible to Academic Board for for ensuring excellence in education at Monash.
  • Monash University Research Committee, support the development and review of the University's research strategy and monitor its implementation.

The Graduate Research Committee advises Academic Board on all matters of policy relating to doctoral and research master's degrees, including admissions, variations to candidature, examinations, supervision, academic progress, and research scholarships and awards. GRC also approve all new graduate research courses, units and programs, and amendments to existing degrees.

Meeting Information

Meeting Dates

Meetings are usually held at 3:00pm Australian EST via Zoom onlyand attendees from Malaysia join the meeting via teleconference at 12:00pm (local time).

To assist you in drafting your submission to the Board, please refer to the submission cover sheet.

The agenda and papers are distributed the week prior to each meeting in soft copy.  Agendas, papers and minutes are also available (with authcate access) at the following: Agendas and Minutes

Contact Information

Secretary to Academic Board:

Ms Farrah Vintsarevich
Phone:  (03) 9905 9008