Scientific Reference Group

The Scientific Reference Group (SRG) comprises scientific experts in the various scientific disciplines contributing to the study who will provide input into the study directions. These include, but are not limited to: toxicology, psychiatry, sociodemography, biostatistics etc. Meetings are held at least twice a year.

The full list of members is as follows –

Professor Ross Coppel (Chair)Monash University
Professor Michael AbramsonMonash University
Dr Matthew CarrollMonash University
Associate Professor Graeme ZoskyUniversity of Tasmania
Professor Alexander McFarlaneUniversity of Adelaide
Professor Sherene LoiConsultant Medical Oncologist, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
Associate Professor Rebecca KippenMonash University
Professor Rory WolfeMonash University
Dr Beth Edmondson 
Dr Melita KeywoodCSIRO Ocean & Atmosphere Flagship
Professor Anna HansellUniversity of Leicester
Laureate Professor John AttiaUniversity of Newcastle
Danny BrazzaleSenior Respiratory Scientist, Austin Hospital

The meeting minutes can be downloaded below:

A copy of the Terms of Reference for the Scientific Reference Group are available here.