The aim of the cardiovascular stream is to investigate possible long term health effects of the mine fire on cardiovascular health. Recruitment into the Cardiovascular Stream started in October 2017 and closed in April 2018.

The research questions are whether exposure to smoke from the Hazelwood coal mine fire is associated with:

  • Abnormal Electrocardiographs (ECG)
  • Markers of early vascular disease (endothelial function)
  • Inflammatory markers, such as C-Reactive Protein (CRP)

The information collected during the adult survey will be used to identify the sub-cohort for the cardiovascular study. This sub-study recruited only males aged 55 years and older and females aged 65 years or older.

Latest News                                                          

27 October 2017 – Heart and blood vessel tests underway in Sale
2 February 2018 – More Participants needed, Cardiovascular Health testing

Study Findings                                                      

23 October 2019 - Factors associated with high blood pressure and its management among older Gippslanders
23 October 2019 - Heart and blood vessel health in older adults exposed to smoke from the Hazelwood mine fire