The mine fire event and the health study continues to receive considerable interest in the media. This page provides an archive of the key media since the establishment of the study, including stories arising from the local community.

16 November 2022Increase in child visits to hospital emergency departments after Hazelwood mine fire. (ABC News, Gippsland)
16 November 2022 Mine fire increases the number of infants presenting to emergency departments. (Latrobe Valley Express)
2 March 2022When children live through a tragic event - interview with Dr Emily Berger, from 24.23 minutes (The Conversation Hour - ABC Radio) 
22 February 2022Coal fire fine exposure increases COPD risk in nonsmokers (Healio News)
February 2022Dr Emily Berger wins award for her “Significant Contribution to Rural and Remote Communities" (Australian Psychological Society)
16 November 2021People urged to book follow-up appointments for health study (Gippsland Times)
15 November 2021Fire sparked rise in anxiety (Latrobe Valley Express)
8 November 2021Hazelwood health Study (Latrobe Valley Express)
11 July 2021Vaping side effects unclear (Herald Sun)
8 July 2021Study uncovers poorer lung health (Latrobe Valley Express)
29 June 2021Hazelwood coalmine fire has had lasting health effects on Latrobe valley residents, study finds (The Guardian)
10 June 2021Families encouraged to take part (Latrobe Valley Express)
03 May 2021Mind the gap (Latrobe Valley Express)
29 April 2021

Hazelwood mine fire held back children's literacy, numeracy via lower NAPLAN results, study finds (ABC Gippsland)

10 December 2020A study of mental welfare, news broadcast features Dr Matthew Carroll (ABC Gippsland)
5 November 2020Participate in community briefing (Latrobe Valley Express)
29 October 2020Smoke-impacted at risk of death by injury, study finds (Latrobe Valley Express)
29 October 2020Hazelwood mine fire health risk, news broadcast features Prof. Malcolm Sim (TRFM & Gippsland's Gold)
29 October 2020Health effects of Hazelwood fire studied (7 News)
23 September 2020Hazelwood lessons are worth hearing as Australian children prepare for another summer (The Sector)
15 September 2020
How did the Hazelwood fire impact children (ABC Gippsland)
11 September 2020
Hazelwood fire ignited kids' fears (Herald Sun)
24 August 2020Hazelwood coal mine fire affected foetuses exposed to smoke in utero, study finds (ABC Gippsland)
24 August 2020Unborn children at higher risk of respiratory infections after Morwell fire, study finds (The Guardian)
27 May 2020
A model disaster: Studying the 2014 Hazelwood coal mine fire 
(Lab Down Under)
28 January 2020
'No safe level': Study links PM2.5 pollution to increased risk of cardiac arrest" (The Age)
11 December 2019Breathtaking: Study reveals negative impact of mine fire on children's health (Latrobe Valley Express)
25 November 2019
Hazelwood Health Study findings 'validated' in wake of Supreme Court's mine fire guilty verdict (Latrobe Valley Express)
24 January 2019Mine fire health issues continue: study (Latrobe Valley Express)
30 September 2018Mine fire helped students’ learning (Herald Sun)
11 September 2018Interview with Dr Emily Berger and Nicole Chvastek on Specialist School findings (ABC Statewide Drive)
11 September 2018Study completes investigation of the impacts on a specialist school which relocated during the smoke event (Nine News Gippsland)
11 September 2018Study releases Specialist School findings (ABC Gippsland)
10 September 2018Students’ mine fire suffering (Latrobe Valley Express)
20 August 2018Community Engagement Session: 22 August 2018 in Morwell (TRFM)
17 May 2018Hopes in Parliament (Latrobe Valley Express)
12 April 2018Mine fire GP visits, medication link (Latrobe Valley Express)
10 April 2018Mine fire long-term health impacts (Nine News Gippsland)
10 April 2018Hazelwood mine fire linked to spike in doctor visits and prescription medication use (ABC Melbourne)
10 April 2018Study releases MBS and PBS analyses findings (ABC Gippsland)
26 March 2018Shaun is here and happy to help (Latrobe Valley Express)
27 February 2018Study moves to lungs (Gippsland Times)
5 February 2018Bookings urged for study (Latrobe Valley Express)
2 February 2018Cardiovascular health – more participants needed (Nine News Gippsland)
2 February 2018Researchers study pregnant women and their children (ABC Statewide Drive)
2 February 2018Babies cleared of mine fire risk (Latrobe Valley Express)
2 February 2018Smoke from mine fire did not harm pregnant mothers and baby health (ABC Melbourne)
1 February 2018Health of babies investigated (Nine News Gippsland)
1 February 2018Study finds no impacts of smoke from mine fire on pregnancy or the birth of babies (TRFM Radio)
30 January 2018Lung study will also guide future Sale health needs (Gippsland Times)
29 January 2018Examining the health impact of Hazelwood coal mine fire (Monash LENS)
22 January 2018Adults still affected by mine fire (Latrobe Valley Express)
15 January 2018Hazelwood Health Study making progress (Latrobe Valley Express)
18 December 2017Study amazed by support (Latrobe Valley Express)
14 December 2017Community finds social media voice (Latrobe Valley Express)
13 December 2017The role of social media during the Hazelwood mine fire (TRFM Radio)
12 December 2017Latrobe Valley residents used social media to fill information gaps during mine fire (ABC Gippsland)
13 November 2017Exhibition of Morwell hopes opens (Latrobe Valley Express)
13 November 2017Hazelwood Health Study community exhibition (Nine News Gippsland and WIN News Gippsland)
2 November 2017‘Thanks for your support’: health study (Latrobe Valley Express)
31 October 2017More health study tests (Gippsland Times)
30 October 2017Sale tests start, with Morwell to follow in 2018 (Latrobe Valley Express)
23 October 2017Study homes in on schools (Latrobe Valley Express)
12 October 2017Health study shines a light on its work (Latrobe Valley Express)
9 October 2017Spike in number of people reporting to hospitals with respiratory problems (ABC Country Hour)
9 October 2017Hazelwood Health Study forum tonight (Latrobe Valley Express)
25 September 2017Lung function tests continue (media release)
19 September 2017Study targets cancer rates (Latrobe Valley Express)
19 September 2017Hazelwood Health Study cancer rates (WIN News Gippsland and Nine News Gippsland)
4 September 2017Morwell residents seven times more likely to have a heart attack since Hazelwood mine fire (ABC Gippsland)
4 September 2017Results released from Hazelwood Health Study (WIN News Gippsland and Nine News Gippsland)
4 September 2017Study shaping a healthier future for the Latrobe Valley (Premier of Victoria announcement)
4 September 2017Mine fire asthma increase (Latrobe Valley Express)
21 August 2017Handy push for positive images (Latrobe Valley Express)
18 August 2017Residents art exhibition (Nine News Gippsland and WIN News Gippsland)
17 August 2017Mine fire lung tests (Latrobe Valley Express)
10 August 2017Lung function testing (Nine News Gippsland)
10 August 2017Hazelwood Health Study begins adult lung assessments (media release)
3 July 2017Fire hit school kids hard (Latrobe Valley Express)
29 June 2017Key findings on the psychological impacts of the Hazelwood mine fire on school children have been released  (TRFM)
29 June 2017Mine fire caused child distress (Latrobe Valley Express)
29 June 2017Key findings on psychological impacts of the mine fire on students released (media release)
19 June 2017Study participation as simple as monthly survey (Latrobe Valley Express)
12 June 2017Check-ups to gauge mine fire’s impact on kids (Latrobe Valley Express)
9 June 2017More children needed to take part in Latrobe ELF Study (Bulletin 1) (Bulletin 2) (TRFM)
8 June 2017Latrobe Valley children helping the next generation (media release)
27 February 2017Improved processes needed for older people (media release)
16 February 2017Study seeking local residents to join Community Advisory Committee (media release)
27 January 2017Plea for more health study participants (Gippsland Times)
19 January 2017Eyes on the Valley’s future generation (Latrobe Valley Express)
19 January 2017Study deadline looms (Latrobe Valley Express)
14 November 2016Hazelwood survey deadline looms (Gippsland Times)
10 NovemberHealth study survey deadline approaching (Latrobe Valley Express)
1 November 2016Dr Jill Blackman, senior project manager, Hazelwood Health Study (Gippsland Times)
25 October 2016Health study targets final Morwell patch for survey (Latrobe Valley Express)
29 August 2016Privacy assurances for long term Hazelwood Health Study (Gippsland Times)
29 August 2016Researchers say Hazelwood Health Study is independent and private (Latrobe Valley Express)
1 August 2016Mine fire health study needs Sale participants (Gippsland Times)
1 August 2016More participants needed for the health study (Latrobe Valley Express)
5 July 2016Second area for health study (Gippsland Times)
4 July 2016Survey participants needed (Latrobe Valley Express)
9 June 2016Hazelwood Health Study uses Sale as control comparison (Gippsland Times)
6 June 2016Hazelwood survey moves to phase two (Latrobe Valley Express)
2 May 2016Sale residents contribute to the Hazelwood fire health study (Gippsland Times)
28 April 2016Morwell residents wanted for Hazelwood Health Study (Latrobe Valley Express)
2 September 2015Parents asked for help with Schools Study  (WIN News Gippsland)
11 August 2015Hazelwood mine fire: Sale, Morwell residents to be quizzed as part of health study (ABC)
24 May 2015Labour funds recommendations in full to keep Valley safe (Premier of Victoria announcement)
25 March 2015Monash teams with community struck by Hazelwood fires (Monash University)
9 February 2015Death rates increased in Traralgon: VOTV (Latrobe Valley Express)
5 February 2015Anniversary dinner marks one year since fire (Latrobe Valley Express)
29 January 2015Health study gets started (Latrobe Valley Express)
27 January 201510 year health study launched in Latrobe Valley (ABC)
22 January 2015Health study to open its doors (Latrobe Valley Express)
8 December 2014Input sought for study (Latrobe Valley Express)
24 November 2014Monash calls for participation in Community Advisory Committee (PDF 191kb)
6 November 2014Mine fire health study to have strong local presence (Latrobe Valley Express)
4 November 2014Contract signed for long-term health study (Premier of Victoria announcement)

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