Fact Sheets and Summaries

The following fact sheets and summaries have been released to date:

Research AreaDateTopic
Latrobe ELF StudyMay 2023

Lung function changes in children exposed to mine fire smoke in infancy

Respiratory May 2023

Long-term effects of extreme smoke exposure on vulnerability to COVID-19

Latrobe ELF StudyJanuary 2023

General practitioner visits and medications prescribed for infants following their exposure to mine fire smoke

Latrobe ELF StudyNovember 2022Emergency department visits and hospital admissions among infants following exposure to smoke from the mine fire
Psychological  ImpactsAugust 2022Factors shaping the pattern of distress after the 2014 Hazelwood mine fire
Latrobe ELF StudyJuly 2022Lung function in children whose mothers were exposed to mine fire smoke during pregnancy
Psychological  ImpactsMay 2022Physical symptoms, psychological distress and trauma in response to climate disasters
HazelinksFebruary 2022Hazelwood mine fire smoke exposure and hospital emergency department presentations in the following years
Psychological Impacts/HazelinksNovember 2021Impacts of the Hazelwood mine fire on ambulance attendances, emergency department presentations and hospital patient admissions for mental health conditions
HazelinksOctober 2021Research on cancer, five years after the mine fire
Psychological  ImpactsApril 2021Evaluating the impact of the Hazelwood mine fire event on students’ educational development
HazelinksApril 2021Hazelwood  mine fire smoke exposure and hospital admissions in the following years
Psychological ImpactsDecember 2020The ongoing psychological health in adults six years after 2014 Hazelwood mine fire
HazelinksOctober 2020
Mortality Report Questions and Answers available here
HazelinksSeptember 2020Hazelwood mine fire smoke exposure and ambulance attendances in the following years
RespiratorySeptember 2020The impact of coal mine fire smoke on lung health in adults
RespiratorySeptember 2020Coal mine fire smoke exposure and chronic obstruction of lung airflow in adults
HazelinksSeptember 2020MBS and PBS Time Series - Use of health services and medications
Psychological ImpactsJune 2020The impact of a mine fire and smoke event on academic outcomes for Primary and Secondary School students
Community WellbeingDecember 2019Community perceptions of the effectiveness of community rebuilding activities
Latrobe ELF StudyDecember 2019General practitioner visits and medication use amongst young children exposed to the mine fire smoke
Latrobe ELF StudyDecember 2019Monthly diary summaries
Psychological ImpactsDecember 2019Long term psychological health following the Hazelwood mine fire
CardiovascularOctober 2019Heart and blood vessel health in older adults exposed to smoke from the Hazelwood mine fire
CardiovascularOctober 2019Factors associated with high blood pressure and its management among older Gippslanders
Respiratory July 2019Lung Function and Asthma Impacts
Latrobe ELF StudyMay 2019Updated analysis of birth outcomes in the Latrobe ELF Cohort
Community WellbeingMay 2019Community perceptions of the impact of the Hazelwood mine fire on community wellbeing, and of the effectiveness of communication during and after the fire
Latrobe ELF StudyMay 2019 Exposure to mine fire smoke and the risk of pregnancy-related symptoms
Psychological ImpactsMarch 2019Schools Study - The ongoing experiences of students following the Hazelwood mine fire
Adult SurveyJanuary 2019Adult Survey: Mine fire exposure and health
Latrobe ELF StudyDecember 2018Birth outcomes using anonymous Victorian Perinatal Data Collection Records
HazelinksDecember 2018 Ambulance attendances during the Hazelwood mine fire
Psychological ImpactsNovember 2018Adult psychological outcomes following the Hazelwood mine fire: A mixed methods study
Latrobe ELF StudyOctober 2018Indicators of lung and blood vessel function three years after the fire
Psychological ImpactsSeptember 2018Schools Study - Children's perspectives on the impact of the Hazelwood mine fire and subsequent smoke event
Psychological ImpactsSeptember 2018Schools Study - Impacts of the Hazelwood mine fire on students and staff from a specialist school which relocated during the smoke event
Psychological ImpactsAugust 2018Interviews with Morwell residents about their experiences of the Hazelwood coal mine fire
Latrobe ELF StudyJanuary 2018Latrobe ELF Cohort Study Volume 1
Community WellbeingDecember 2017Video Summary - Social Media Analysis
HazelinksSeptember 2017Baseline cancer incidence analysis
Adult SurveySeptember 2017Comparison of Morwell to Sale
HazelinksSeptember 2017Emergency Presentations and Hospital Admissions
Psychological ImpactsJune 2017Schools Study - Summary of key year 1 findings
Older PeopleFebruary 2017Policy Brief - Policy review of the impact of the Hazelwood mine fire on older people
Air Quality AssessmentFebruary 2017Summary Report - Air quality modelling of smoke exposure from the Hazelwood mine fire
Psychological ImpactsNovember 2016Initial findings from the first year of data collection from the schools study
HazelinksSeptember 2016Initial findings from the analysis of ambulance call outs during the event
Air Quality AssessmentMay 2015Preliminary estimates of how far the mine fire smoke travelled during the mine fire event

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Acknowledgement to Country

We acknowledge and pay our respects to the Elders and Traditional Owners of the land where our Study teams are based, particularly the Gunaikurnai peoples of Gippsland.