Respiratory Stream

Information collected during the initial "Adult Survey" was used to identify the ‘sub-cohort’ for the Respiratory sub-study. The main comparison will be between those who were heavily exposed to smoke from the Hazelwood coal mine fire and those who were minimally exposed to smoke.

Recruitment into the first round of the Respiratory Stream commenced in October 2017 and closed in April 2018. The second round of Respiratory Stream assessments were undertaken during mid to late 2021.  The aim of the Respiratory Stream is to determine whether exposure to smoke from the Hazelwood coal mine fire is associated with:

  • Respiratory symptoms
  • Asthma control
  • Decline in lung function

The following video clip is an excerpt from the 2021 Community Briefing providing an update on the current status and future plans for the Respiratory stream.

Images and Video from our clinical assessments

One of our study participants undertaking assessment in round 2 of the Respiratory Stream.

Another participant undertaking testing, utilising further scientific equipment during round 2 of the Respiratory Stream assessments.

In this video, respiratory scientist Annie Makar demonstrates the lung function measurement test, one of several undertaken as part of the Respiratory Stream.

More information on the Lung Function Test Result for GPs can be found here, and responses to frequently asked questions are provided here.  A full Respiratory Stream and COVID-19 status update can be found here.

Study Findings                                                      

September 2020 - The impact of coal mine fire smoke on lung health in adults
September 2020 - Coal mine fire smoke exposure and chronic obstruction of lung airflow in adults
July 2019 - The impact of coal mine fire  smoke on asthma

Latest News                                                      

30 January 2018 – Lung study will also guide future Sale health needs
27 February 2018 – Study moves to lungs
3 October 2017 – Hazelwood Health Study lung function tests continue
10 August 2017 – Hazelwood Health Study begins adult lung assessments