What to expect

Once you've submitted your application, the selection committee will review it against the key selection criteria.

We want to review each applicant equally, so this stage of the process can take some time. Each committee consists of at least three Monash representatives, who contribute equally to the selection process.

As we progress through the various stages of the recruitment process, we'll keep you updated on your progress. Here’s some further information on what you can expect.

Individual needs

At Monash, we're diverse and inclusive. This includes supporting candidates who identify as living with a disability and encouraging them towards a great career at Monash.

If you identify as living with a disability, we’ll work with you to support you through the recruitment process. This also means that if you are offered and accept a job with us, we can make any reasonable adjustments to help give you the opportunity to be successful.


If you have been shortlisted for the job, the first step is usually an interview. Interview questions reflect the position description and selection criteria to assist the selection panel make their assessment.

Please take a look at our interview preparation section to help prepare and guide you through the types of interviews we conduct.


Depending on the role you have applied for, the selection committee may use a number of methods to assess your ability to do the job. These include interview questions, presentations, work samples and tests.

Background checks

To protect our business, our people and our students, you may be asked to participate in a background check. This might include details of current or previous employment, education, residency, criminal history and relevant professional qualifications. An offer of employment may be withdrawn if the results of the background checks do not meet our requirements.

Police Check – It is our policy that appropriate safety screening processes are adopted in the recruitment, selection, employment and promotion of staff. We’ve implemented a police records check policy and procedure to ensure that appropriate staff are appointed or promoted to ‘specified positions’. If a Police Check is required for a specified position, this will be stated on the advertisement and position description and will form part of your employment terms and conditions.

Working with Children Check – We also require a Working with Children check for some positions. This is a formal process of checks to help determine your suitability to work with children or have unsupervised access to children in your work. The check takes into account any relevant criminal records, apprehended violence orders and completed disciplinary proceedings. If a Working with Children Check is required for a specified position, this will be stated on the advertisement and position description and will form part of your employment terms and conditions.

Reference checks

You will be asked to provide at least 2-3 referees in support of your application.

Referees should be people who can speak about your skills, knowledge and how you conduct yourself professionally. They can be from paid or voluntary work, and you should confirm their willingness to act as referees before nominating them.

The selection panel will contact your referees if you are being considered for an interview or appointment. They will ask your referees to comment on your work and performance, and verify any comments or claims you have made.

If you don’t have any professional referees, you can supply an educational or personal referee.


We keep to a thorough and fair process. The process may take some time as it isn’t in anyone’s best interest to rush the selection process, so please be patient.