Learning and development

At Monash, you'll have the opportunity to develop, perform and succeed in your career. We have a range of development programs that we encourage all academic and professional staff to undertake.

Our motto is ‘Always learning’ – and we also want you to 'Develop. Perform. Succeed.' Our team of learning and development professionals is ready to help.

Our comprehensive suite of services and programs is designed to help you achieve your full potential. We offer:

  • classroom training
  • online training
  • expert advice, consultancy services and customised training to suit your needs
  • awards and recognition programs
  • information about external training providers.

Study support

We may pay your study fees if you’re looking to continue your study as part of your career development, and it's reflected in your role within the University.

The Staff Study Support program is available to fixed-term and continuing staff at Australian campuses, who have completed a minimum of one year’s service.

If you're eligible to undertake an approved study course of relevance and benefit to your role and future career at the University, you may be able to apply for:

  • upfront payment of tuition fees by your faculty/division (capped at $6000 per year) for postgraduate courses undertaken at Monash
  • reimbursement of tuition fees (capped at $6000 per year) for postgraduate courses undertaken at other institutions
  • study leave of up to four hours a week and /or
  • reimbursement of other course-related expenses such as text books.


There are a range of mentoring opportunities available at Monash to help you develop your career.

Mentoring is where someone more skilled or experienced offers advice, support and guidance to a less experienced person.

The mentor helps the mentee learn and develop. Many successful people have had mentors assist them along the way.

Mentees benefit by:

  • developing new skills
  • identifying areas for professional growth
  • planning their career more strategically
  • gaining or increasing knowledge of organisational culture, structure and processes
  • developing new networks and contacts
  • finding new ways to approach old problems
  • increasing their confidence
  • increasing their job satisfaction
  • enhancing their career opportunities.

Leadership programs

At Monash, we're committed to developing your ability to lead. We know not everyone wants to be a CEO, but almost everyone will be a leader at some point in their life – at university, at work, in the community, on the sporting field, or as a volunteer.

We have several courses for professional and academic staff who are new to leadership. We also provide skills development, coaching, and opportunities to network and learn from others – no matter where you are in your career.