Embedding live polls for students online everywhere

When you’re in a classroom delivering content, you can quickly scan the room and see how the students are responding.  How can we do this for students who are online?

We can use a process of having students ‘stop, think, reflect, respond’ at regular intervals, with a feedback mechanism of online polls.  You may be familiar with polls, having used them in face-to-face or online already.

In our current circumstances, we need to ensure that any poll we provide online is easy to use, gives suitable feedback, and is available to students in China.  We can check if a system is available using a webpage.

Although we can’t use a Google form to poll students, we can use Poll Everywhere. This can be directly embedded into a Moodle page to get student feedback at regular intervals.  For example, you could use it to ask students to rank the most confusing topic that you’ve just covered, to create a word cloud of what themes are most important, or to answer a short quiz.  The results page can also be embedded so students can see their class responses.

You can then close the loop by making a forum to discuss the topics students are most confused about, including an extra video at the start of the next week, or asking students to address the most important themes in a discussion.

To embed a Poll Everywhere poll you need to first create a poll, then embed it with some HTML.  If you feel comfortable giving this a go, these links will help.

Alternatively, contact your faculty Education Designers and ask for help.