How to make a live stream lecture more engaging?

How do you keep students engaged when they are all tuning into your lecture or workshop online? With the Covid-19 situation, some of your lectures or workshops have moved online. When you are in class, it is easier to keep students engaged and limit distractions. However, keeping students engaged online is a whole other ball game.

One way to combat this is to change things up frequently. Every ten minutes or so you need to regain their attention and keep them focused on the lecture. This can be done by either asking a polling/quiz question, using a breakout room to get students to discuss a concept or work through an activity, or even having them watch a short video. Also, having more slides but less content on each slide creates more engagement in an online environment. Try adding slide animations, less text and more visuals.  If you are simply talking non stop on one slide, you will lose your audience very quickly.

Think of ways you can change things up frequently to interact with your audience and keep them engaged throughout.