What is the story of your unit? Storytelling in Learning Design

When designing a unit in Moodle, we tend to cluster similar activities together, but this might not be the preferred learning method for students.

We need to keep in mind that Moodle, as any other Learning Management System, is not a resource repository or a library full of books categorised alphabetically or thematically. Think of your unit as an interactive book where each chapter tells a story and students are to complete all the activities in this chapter in one seating. Make sure each activity adds value and contributes to the logical sequence of your narrative.

A good narrative of each chapter has the following components:

  • A key concept: what is this chapter about? Key concepts may be described in a weekly content synopsis and explored further in the activities in the chapter.

  • Anchors: it can be a framework that links this chapter with other ones.

  • Visual guides: clear signposting so students know exactly where they are and how to progress further in the unit’s narrative.

  • A rationale: a logical sequence of your narrative, typically supported by aligned weekly learning outcomes.

Enjoy your story writing!