Student group brainstorming and collaboration with Zoom Whiteboard

As we take classes online, students want to be active and collaborative in their learning.  We can replicate the excitement, engagement, and small group student discussions that we see in tutorial times, using the Zoom meeting tool and the Zoom whiteboard.

Ask your students to form groups, and have them set up a scheduled zoom session for their group.  You can use an existing Zoom guide to help them through this process:

If you have teaching staff available, you can ask students to share the invite with you and “drop in” on the discussion to check their progress and give them advice, just like you would in a face-to-face class.

In their meeting, students share a whiteboard and can collaborate together to write, draw, and brainstorm ideas and concepts.  You can ask students to watch this video to see how to create and join a shared whiteboard.

At the end of their whiteboard session, students can save their whiteboard and send it to you, post it to a forum, or simply share it amongst their group.  If they want to be even more thorough they can record the whole zoom session to their computer.

Having students interact via zoom is easy, replicates the face-to-face mechanisms of a real-world class, and gives them an intuitive way to collaborate.  Encouraging them to make their own sessions also facilitates them continuing this practice throughout the semester.  This process can scale up as well; you can ask students to do a presentation to a tutorial-sized class by sharing their screen slides, have consultations with their tutor, or anything that you would normally do in a tutorial room.