The role of video in online learning

Video can play an important role in the development of quality online learning. Along with other strategies, video can assist in building an engaging, varied and challenging online learning experience.

Benefits of video

  1. It can provide a lot of information in a short period of time.  
    Used well, it can be a succinct way to introduce concepts, theories, and chunks of information to your students.
  2. It facilitates storytelling.
    You can add the story and context to the information you’re providing your students. It allows you to take your students on a journey, similarly to the one you might take them on if you were face-to-face.
  3. It helps convey soft skills, such as behaviour, culture, and emotion.
    Video allows students to see your non-verbal cues such as facial expressions and hand gestures.
  4. It allows for mastery.
    Students can pause, review, and re-watch as many times as they wish.
  5. Students get to see you!

Even asynchronous video gives your students the opportunity to connect with you in a way that forum posts and other text-based activities may not.

Tips for using video

  1. Keep them short as possible.
    This is purposely ambiguous. We know that peoples’ attention span starts to wane after about 5 minutes of video however, in a higher learning environment we would hope self-directed learners would be able to maintain focus for longer. Either way, keeping them as short as possible can assist with keeping your students’ attention (and will be quicker for them to download!). Consider ‘chunking’ content where possible (i.e. if you have 20 minutes worth of content, break it down into 3 x 6 or 7 minute videos).
  2. Plan your video prior to recording it.
    Depending on the type of video you’re doing, you might want to jot down some dot points, write a script, practise it, or even build a storyboard.
  3. Add interactive elements.
    Adding in interactive elements not only helps maintain student focus but can also help with formative assessment.
  4. Edit and refine your videos.
    There are a lot of high quality and easy to use video editing software options available. If you want to make your video look better, chances are there’s a way to do it. Reach out to MEI or your faculty for advice.

Interactive videos with H5P

H5P is a great resource that we have available here at Monash that builds interactive online learning activities right into Moodle. Explore some of the options below:

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