Enhance your PowerPoint Skills


This module supports you to better design PowerPoint slides. Poor slide design adversely impacts the ability of the speaker to deliver a clear and informative message and the ability of an audience to fully engage with the content. This is especially so for learners who rely heavily on the presentation’s visual component. This module sets effective PowerPoint slide design in context and explores, by example, a set of guidelines to demonstrate how PowerPoint slides can be enhanced for professional delivery and engaged learning. This module will appeal to educators wishing to improve the visual elements of their presentation.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

  1. Apply sound visual design principles to the creation of effective PowerPoint slides
  2. Identify the desirable and undesirable visual characteristics of PowerPoint slides
  3. Use a range of Powerpoint techniques such as building charts and graphs, using animations and transitions, manipulating images and using the Monash University templates


Task 1: Revision of a PowerPoint slide pack using each of the tools covered in the module.

Module details

  • Online mode of delivery