Assessment feedback for Learning


Effective assessment feedback for students is one of Monash University's key priorities, and yet is not understood well.

Both students and educators agree that it is important and should have an impact. However considerable research, as well as student surveys, reveal that it is a serious concern internationally. Learners often do not know how to seek it, recognize it, or use it. Educators invest large amounts of time in formal and informal feedback, and yet are often not aware of more effective methods, or even if the feedback has the desired impact.
Assessment feedback for learning offers participants the opportunity to undertake an in-depth look at the way(s) in which students are provided with feedback, and explores best practice as provided in the literature.

It will empower participants to think purposefully about their current assessment feedback practices, explore multimodal feedback possibilities and to approach this critical issue with insight and understanding.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

  1. Define effective feedback, including distinguishing its function and process from that of marking
  2. Draw on a range of design principles and challenges to support your own effective feedback
  3. Implement rich feedback through digital media


Assessment Task 1: Create a digital feedback resource (using H5P)
Assessment Task 2: Deliver student feedback via video

Module details

  • Online module