Increasing interactive learning with technology


Interactivity is essential in making learning active and increasing student engagement. This module covers key concepts around interactivity and provides examples and strategies about how to create more interactive learning activities through technologies. These can be applied in both face-to-face and online environments. You will also have the opportunity to practice designing and building an interactive learning activity via the assessment tasks.

This module would be most beneficial for educators who are seeking to increase student engagement through interactivity for self-paced or through group learning.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

  1. Differentiate types of interactive activities and their pedagogical value
  2. Identify opportunities for both synchronous and asynchronous interactivity
  3. Target multiple levels of engagement through interactive activities
  4. Determine which educational technologies are best suited to foster interactive learning
  5. Design activities to increase interactive learning


Task 1:Create a design plan for a synchronous interactive learning activity
Task 2: Build an asynchronous interactive learning activity using an educational technology


Topic 1: What is interactivity?
In this topic, interactivity is considered as a facet of active learning and you will explore different types of interactivity. You will gain insights into the relationship between  interactivity and engagement and learn more about the five levels of engagement. This section will provide you with a pedagogical foundation before delving into the more hands-on approach to increasing interactivity.

Topic 2: Synchronous online or in-class interactivity
This topic is focused on synchronous learning and how to increase engagement through interactivity using technology, whether for online or face-to-face sessions. By synchronous, we are meeting teaching in real time with students. Through a series of examples and interactive lessons, you will be able to learn the process for creating interactive activities that engage students with the content, their peers and you as an educator.

Topic 3: Asynchronous online interactivity
This topic will present some useful technologies you can use to increase interactivity in asynchronous online learning. Through a series of examples and interactive lessons, you will explore the possibilities of how you can create interactive lessons, interactive videos and drive discussion and collaboration between students.

Module details

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