Supporting academic integrity in your teaching


This module provides key information about academic integrity at Monash over a range of topics, including definitions of integrity and breach, educative and preventive strategies, and detection and investigation of breach.

Academic integrity underpins every aspect of how we study and work at Monash and operate within the Monash community. You may find that you return to complete different topics or review information as you encounter different scenarios and situations, as the topics provide comprehensive information to support you and your students.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

  1. Examine the concept of academic integrity and your roles and responsibilities in maintaining academic integrity at Monash
  2. Identify a range of common breaches of academic integrity, their indicators and consequences
  3. Analyse factors contributing to a culture of academic integrity and influencing related student behaviours
  4. Design environments and activities to support students in maintaining academic integrity
  5. Evaluate strategies for educating about academic integrity, preventing poor academic practice and investigating potential breach


  • Task 1: Supporting a culture of integrity
  • AND at least one of:

  • Task 2: Designing for integrity
  • Task 3: Responding to misconduct

Module details

  • Online mode of delivery