About us


The NHET-Sim Programme is designed for individuals from all professions across Australia who currently or intend to use healthcare simulation as an educational method with students or health professionals.

The NHET-Sim e-learning modules are comprised of 2 core modules and 11 elective modules.

NHET-Sim provides entry level learning experiences for individuals new to simulation-based education. For those with experience in simulation-based education, NHET-Sim provides an opportunity to reflect on existing and future simulation practices.

The NHET-Sim Programme consists of ~33 hours of learning activities over three months.


The now disestablished Health Workforce Australia (HWA) invested in faculty development in response to the consistently identified need in commissioned surveys of all health professions in relation to current and projected use of simulation as an educational method. This investment in people complemented  the significant capital investment in simulation infrastructure.

HWA closed on August 6th 2014, with essential functions transferring to the Federal Department of Health.

The NHET-Sim Programme has its foundations within the AusSETT Programme developed by Edith Cowan University, Flinders University, Monash University (Lead), the University of Melbourne, the University of Queensland and Queensland Health. The AusSETT Programme was delivered in 2011 and 2012 to over 230  simulation educators and technicians across Australia.

NHET-Sim has a different focus to AusSETT and therefore the content is also different. AusSETT adopted a “train-the-trainer” approach while NHET-Sim in intended to support simulation educators and technicians to work directly with simulation-based education. The NHET-Sim Monash team and  colleagues from Flinders University have refashioned all AusSETT modules and created new modules to meet the goals of the NHET-Sim programme.

Experts in the national and international simulation community have reviewed all modules.

The modules have been renewed in June 2016.

Participants who complete the NHET-Sim Programme may receive credits for entry to Graduate Certificate level Programs.


The aim of the NHET-Sim Programme is to support individuals in using simulation as an educational method for healthcare students and professionals to help improve clinical training capacity.