Extension/re-activation and certificate request

From 1st Dec 2021, the NHET-Sim Programme will be making changes to the process of requesting extensions or reactivation of accounts. An AU$50 (GST included) fee will be charged for all administration requests for extensions or reactivation of e-learning accounts.

This will also apply to requests to download NHET-Sim certificates.

The fee applies to all enrolments (Australian-based and International-based).

Request to extend/re-activate must be submitted by the form below.

No extension/re-activation fee for workshop participants

For participants attending workshops, your access will be extended/re-activated automatically for 3 months when your details are forwarded to the NHET-Sim office by your workshop organiser, 1-2 weeks before the workshop day. We do not require an additional $50 payment for this service for workshop participants who are registered to attend upcoming workshops.

This offer does not extend indefinitely after the workshop has been completed.

Request to extend/re-activate form

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